Topic updated: The Unstable Situation in Iran.

It has been almost 44 years since Shah Reza Pahlevy and his regime were toppled in Iran, after which the Islamic Republic was established. Time enough for two generations of dis-illusioned youth to grow up and express their protests against a corrupt, incompetent, and cruel dictatorship. Except for those governments supporting Russia’s war in Ukraine, the world is shocked by the brutal treatment of dissents, including teenagers, both male and female. The question, however, is whether the current wave of resistance can blossom into a concrete threat to the viability of Ayatollah Khomeini’s hold on power through his millions of thugs in various organizations.

To analyze it - we are joined from Washington DC by Mr. Jason Brodsky, Policy Director at United Against Nuclear Iran.
Also joining us from central Israel is Dr. Menahem Merhavy, research fellow, Truman Institute, Hebrew University.
Amir Oren TV7 Israel Editor at large and host of WT and PIP.

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Serien ger tittaren en djupare förståelse av aktuella händelser i Israel och Mellanöstern. Expertsamtalen leds av Jonathan Hessen, nyhetsankare på TV7 Israel News.
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