MidEast Cyber & Security

Two invisible elements have evidently shaped life in the Middle East and indeed globally over this year, which is approaching its end. One is of course the Corona virus, in a pandemic which only now begins to show some promise of being contained by vaccines next year. There is more than meets the eye in Cyber, too, a new form of warfare to which societies blessed with the most advanced technological and economic infrastructure are more vulnerable than relatively primitive one. What is being and can be done, offensively and defensively, in the realm of Cyber between governments, organizations and even self-motivated hackers? Joining us, and hoping that no Cyber attack will disrupt our talk.

To put it all in perspective, joining us from central Israel with Mr. Daniel Cohen, Cyber Security and policy expert, Head of the Policy and Technology Program at Abba Eban Institute IDC Herzliya and Senior Researcher at Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center at Tel Aviv University, and Mr. Eli Kravtsov, Cloud Security R&D Team Leader. Analyst Dr. Nir Boms. Host Jonathan Hessen.

Studio Jerusalem

Serien ger tittaren en djupare förståelse av aktuella händelser i Israel och Mellanöstern. Expertsamtalen leds av Jonathan Hessen, nyhetsankare på TV7 Israel News.
  • Första sändningen: 2020-12-01, Himlen TV7
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