Israel Defense Force: A New Commander in Chief

The appointment of a new Israel Defense Forces Chief of General Staff is a very important event in the life of this military organization. More than in most Western democracies, Israel’s top General Officer has a major impact on the nation’s policies and conduct. Major General Herzi Halevi, an experienced Paratroop and Intelligence military leader, has earlier this month been nominated to serve as Israel’s 23rd Ramatkal, or Chief of General Staff, taking over at the turn of the year. How significant is this transition, at a time of political turbulence within Israel and security challenges around it? With us to share their opinions on Halevi’s elevation to Ramatkal are two senior IDF veterans.

Joining us from northern Israel is:
Major General (Res.) Gershon Ha-Cohen, IDF Army Corps Commander
Also joining us from central Israel is:
Brigadier General (Res.) Doron Gavish, Former Air Defense Chief at the Israel Air Force and the Defense Ministry’s representative to Europe
Amir Oren, TV7 Editor at Large, Host of TV7 Watchmen Talk & Powers in Play

Studio Jerusalem

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