Lebanon, public outcry for security and stability

Israel’s northern neighbor, Lebanon, has been subjected to several weeks of popular upheaval, which include peaceful protests that sporadically turned into violent clashes. The public unrest stemmed from widespread frustration over the country’s failing economy, corruption and the meddling by outside forces and their local proxies.

To discuss the latest developments pertaining to the country, and possible implications for the region, we are joined by:

Dr. Eran Lerman vice president of the Jerusalem Institute of Strategy and Security and a lecturer at Shalem College, and Dr. Mordechai Nisan, retired lecture on Middle East Studies at Hebrew University Jerusalem.

Analyst Amir Oren. Host Jonathan Hessen.

Studio Jerusalem

Serien ger tittaren en djupare förståelse av aktuella händelser i Israel och Mellanöstern. Expertsamtalen leds av Jonathan Hessen, nyhetsankare på TV7 Israel News.
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