Israel's greatest concerns in Syria

The years long conflict raging across Israel's northern neighbour Syria, Iran's increased influence and apparent efforts to establish a frontline foothold through its local proxies, as well as Russia's deployment of highly-advanced weaponry to assure the survival of the Assad regime: are just a part of a growing list of concerns voiced by Jerusalem that pose a direct challenge to the national security interests of the Jewish state.

To further discuss those challenges, I'm join here in the studio by Miss Paula Slier, Middle East Bureau Chief of Russia Today; Dr. Eran Lerman – Vice President of the Jerusalem Institute for strategic studies and a lecturer at Shalem College; and Prof. Zeev Hanin, Expert on Russian and Middle Eastern Studies, Bar Ilan and Ariel Universities. TV7 Analyst Mr. Amir Oren.

Studio Jerusalem

Serien ger tittaren en djupare förståelse av aktuella händelser i Israel och Mellanöstern. Expertsamtalen leds av Jonathan Hessen, nyhetsankare på TV7 Israel News.
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