Iranian's regional activities in the face of Israeli active resistance

In recent weeks, Israel has marked the 20th anniversary of its final withdrawal from Lebanon, thereby depriving the Lebanese Iranian-proxy Hezbollah of its main declared cause for battling Israel. Yet, the Islamic Republic of Iran has persisted in its anti-Israel campaign and is actively using Syria as one-of-several launching pad. As of late, Israel has gone on the offensive, pushing Iranian proxies away from the Golan Heights front. What is the score in this contest, which also includes Cyber attacks and counter-attacks?

Guests Mr. Meir Javedanfar, Iran lecturer, IDC, and Dr. Yossi Mansharof, Research Fellow on Iran and Political Shi’ite Islam at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security, as well as the Ezri Center at Haifa University. Analyst Amir Oren. Host Jonathan Hessen.

Studio Jerusalem

Serien ger tittaren en djupare förståelse av aktuella händelser i Israel och Mellanöstern. Expertsamtalen leds av Jonathan Hessen, nyhetsankare på TV7 Israel News.
  • Första sändningen: 2020-06-02, Himlen TV7
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